Thank You Portcon

Portcon Maine has been successfully infiltrated!  Many have now heard of the Claw and many will continue after we release our footage through third party channels (Nerd Caliber).  Running an underground crime syndicate can be hard, but it has its advantages.  We had fabulous turnouts for both our “Costume as Character/Character as Costume,” discussion on Friday and our “Steampunk Meetup,” this morning.

Also got to work with my former associate Dr. Hugo Rapture!  A wonderful fellow… at times he can drive me “Batty,” but a sweet man who is able to harbor a few criminals unnoticed.  For those that don’t know Rapture and I were shipmates when we were both a bit more Dreadful, but now are simply good friends and he may become an independent contractor for the Claw when we need someone a bit more… Spooky.

Many thanks to the Portcon Staff and organizers for having Ayleen, Rapture, and myself at your event and I hope to hit Maine up some time soon!  Lobster boats need “protection,” from time to time right?