CTCon and Otakon

Thank you to Connecticon!  Check out some pics of the event by our friend Thee-Gartisan Works!

Also take a look at some footage someone captured of Leetelou hooping at the Rave!

Ay-Leen and myself are VERY excited to be going out to Otakon this coming weekend as well!

Check out her and myself helping with a Ray Gun Building workshop Friday night at 5:30, and a Steampunk in Anime panel at 9 AM on Saturday.  In addition we’ll also be doing some on camera work for our friends in Nerd Caliber!


Post on Beyond Victoriana and our Absence!

Sorry we’ve been away.  Been dealing with a lot of non-Copper Claw related issues that have arisen.  Most notably that Lucretia and Ayleen will unfortunately not be at Conneticon.  Leetelou however will be still be there representing us and she will be the On Camera talent for Nerd Caliber as well!

Leetelou also did a few performances at Midsummer Fantasy Ren Faire with friend of the Claw, The World of Wyck.

ALSO  I wrote an article for Ayleen’s website Beyond Victoriana that I haven’t been able to cross post here.  Here is a taste of the article which can be found At Beyond Victoriana!

The first person that we know of to ever go through sexual reassignment surgery was Lili Elbe in 1930, unfortunately her body rejected much of the surgery and she died three month afterward.  The first most prominant recipient however was Christine Jørgensen, who received the surgery in 1952 and was then immediately outed to the public as Trans… as “Different.”  What is truly amazing to me about Jørgensen’s story is that the first paper to get the scoop and run with it was the New York Daily News on December 1st 1952, and the headline read “Ex-GI Becomes Blonde Beauty.”  The headline could have called her a freak of nature, could have foscued on how a man decided one day to be a woman, could have called her a freak or warped the public’s mind in any way shape or form as the first paper to break such a story.  What I respect about the article is that it chose to focus on the fact that Jørgensen became a “Blonde Beauty.”  It’s vein, it’s vapid, and it still says “He was this, now he’s not a he anymore,” but it does so in such a way that conveys a positive message.

Transgender and gender nonconformist individuals exist to this day.  We have existed throughout history and we have only gained strength and prominence as time has gone on with many thanks to trailblazers like Jørgensen.  We’ve still got a long, LONG way to go but the future is definitely moving in a very accepting direction for me and mine.

Read the rest here.