Rarity Desguise

Our friends at Thee Gartisan Works took photos of my Steampunk Rarity Disguise.  Check it out here



The Dangers of a “Real Names Only Policy,” on Facebook

Many of our friends in the cosplay community had their accounts deleted on Facebook because they weren’t “Real People.”  I might run a criminal organization but I that doesn’t mean I don’t like injustice.

So one day, the cosplay community (and Salman Rushdie) woke up to find all their Facebook accounts gone. Some were separate accounts that cosplayers kept in order to avoid stalking, some to keep potential employers from seeing their cosplay life, and some just because they didn’t want to bother their family and non-cosplay friends with all that cosplay stuff they don’t understand anyway. In the case of Mr. Rushdie he beat the book of face’s policy and is now Salman Rushdie again, however the cosplay community is still left with a gaping hole where all their photos, contact info, and memories used to be. On a personal level, outside of cosplay but as a transgender individual, this policy and random enforcement frightens me and makes me worried that Facebook All Mighty will start erasing Trans individuals from their social media website, and could lead Facebook down a very transphobic path.

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Want to see what Ayleen will be up to at Dragoncon? I know you do!

Beyond Victoriana

As things off-line have been quite stressful and hectic this past summer, I’m back to explain some things that have kept me away from updates. Unemployment and family problems, namely, though both have been thankfully resolved. I’m now working full-time for Tor Books, and also, I want to announce my guest status at Dragon*Con’s fabulous Alternate History Track in Atlanta next week. There, I will be speaking on behalf of Beyond Victoriana and also be representing Tor at several panels. Check out the details after the jump.

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Some interviews from Otakon

Hello to all of you in the criminal underworld!

For those interested in our activities Ay-Leen and myself are prepping for Dragon Con, as such I thought it might be a good idea to include some of the interviews I conducted as both Lucretia and disguised as a Steampunk version of Rarity from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic for Nerd Caliber.  As we are operating in the criminal underworld it is important for all members of the Copper Claw to remain in and consistently be disguised.

Lucretia attacked by Boo from Super Mario-verse.

The Joker/Ronald McDonald Mashup

Female Lokis

Lucretia in “The Princess Celestia Show”

What should someone consider if they’re going to Date a Cosplayer

Fashion Talks: Ayleen Gets Published!

What’s this?  OH it seems Ayleen’s transdimensional counterpart is “now a published academic and steampunk scholar!”

She goes on to describe in the Beyond Victoriana Tumblr:

The book chapter on steampunk fashion that I co-wrote with jhameia is included in Fashion Talks: Undressing the Power of Style , edited by Shira Tarrant and Marjorie Jolles. You can read more about Fashion Talks on the SUNY Press website, and pre-order the book on Amazon.com.

Many congrats, and make sure to check out her’s and Jaymee’s article!

Steampunk Gettysburg!

We are now officially announcing that we will be guests at Steampunk Gettysburg in Gettysburg PA March 29-31 2013!  Gettysburg will have the distinction of having Lucretia, Ayleen, Leetelou, and special guest of the Claw, Baron Von Lahey of Airship Entertainment!

We shall be performing:

The Percs of Being a Merc: An intro to the Copper Claw

The Copper and gold Sketch Show: A mish mash, hour long, sketch show with special guest The World of Wyck.

A course on Stage Combat

And a course on Steampunk Hair and Makeup!

Thank you Otakon!

Otakon was positively incredible!  Ayleen and myself debuted a few new disguises (Ayleen debuted Gilbert and the Dormouse from Pandora Hearts and I debuted my Steampunk Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

The ray gun workshop and Steampunk in Anime panel went off swimmingly

We also have a number of interviews coming out as a collaboration with our friends in Nerd Caliber.


Ayleen and I are looking forward to our treck out to Dragon Con in a few weeks!  If you’d like to be interviewed by Lucretia and Nerd Caliber drop us a line on our Facebook page!