The Copper Claw at Templecon 2013!



The Copper Claw will be premiering an original Mashup Radio drama at Templcon 2013 in Waqrwick RI!  

On the planet Glade, members of The Copper Claw who have been left for dead after a deal gone wrong, must match wits with creatures that eat the clothes right off of their back!  How will Lucretia, Ayleen, and Leetelou get out with the shirts still on their backs?!  The Copper Claw Vs. The Garment Eating Microbes, is a mash-up of the 1956 radio-play “X Minus One: Student Body.” The best part is we’ll pick members of the audience to round out the cast! Worried about bringing the kids?  Don’t worry, there’s about as much as nudity as a normal ’50s radio drama.

Not only that but we’ll be announcing a new media project in conjunction with our friends in Nerd Caliber.

We’ll have a number of other posters out between now and Templecon, and be able to announce more of our events including talks and panels Ayleen and Lucretia will be giving throughout the weekend so please pass it around!

Image modified by Morgan of Button Me Up!