Who Is The Copper Claw?

The Copper Claw Database

Below you will find a number of photos and descriptions of our boss Lucretia Dearfour and many of the mercs she hires for various tasks.  While these Jacks and Jills of all trades won’t be a part of every Copper Claw event, they are the main group we pull from when contacted for a job.  They are split into the Main Steam and the Guns for Hire.  The Main Team are staples within the Claw and work closely with Lucretia to make Copper Claw stronger, while the Guns for Hire are already currently aligned to projects that require more of their attention but who have no problem assuming an odd job here and there to assist The Claw!

Main Team

Leetelou, The Countess of Cuteness

Leetelou is a Cryptozoologist for all things cute and adorable.  She is also known to build anti-poacher weaponry but generally uses her deadly hula hooping skills to distract, entertain, and bludgeon her enemies at once.

Ay-leen The Peacemaker

Tonkinese assassin for hire, and award winning Blogger/creator of Beyond Victoriana. “The Peacemaker” aspect refers to the sense of eternal tranquility that she brings to her targets and the blissful satisfaction she gives to her employers.

Guns For Hire