What is The Copper Claw?

Beneath the public’s eye a secret crime syndicate known as the Copper Claw has existed for centuries.   Following the great Cataclysm that ended and reformed Civilization as we know it, The Claw developed a reputation for being a cutthroat crew of mercenaries and guns for hire, run by Lucretia Dearfour.

The Copper Claw is also a New England and New York City based Retro-Futurist performance troupe started by The Wandering Legion’s Lucretia Dearfour. Before joining The Wandering Legion Lucretia was a Standup comic, a One Person Show Theatre performer, a Playwright, and a Stage Director.  Because of this there are two ways you can book The Copper Claw:

Lucretia Dearfour as a solo artist to run a number of Solo Performances, MC Work, etc. Or a group of 2-4 actors in addition to Lucretia that will tell stories through dialogue as well as Neo-Brechtian and improvisational theatre stylings.

To book Either Lucretia or The Copper Claw Performance Troup please Contact: TheCopperClaw@gmail.com